Monday, 31 December 2012

The Rocks, Rawson Institute for Seamen

This Rawson Institute for Seamen building is located along George Street at The Rocks. It was formerly the Mariner's Church, designed by John Bibb in the Victorian Free Classical style in temple form and built in 1859. Alterations were designed by William Kent in Federation Free Classical style in 1909. A new chapel was built in the Inter-War Mediterranean or Romanesque style In 1927. The Bethel Union, which built the original church was involved in missionary activity among seamen. They leased the Mariners' Church to the Missions to Seamen in 1835, creating a mission for neglected seamen. The complex included accommodation, a hall for concerts and dining, smoking rooms, a library and a gymnasium. After Sir Henry Rawson instigated extensions which were carried out in 1910, the complex was renamed The Rawson Institute for Seamen. Since 2011, the building houses Bar 100, featuring a restaurant, bars and nightclub. The rear view can be seen here.


  1. How come from Church returned into bars? Anyway, elegant structure.

    Mapeh Homepage


    1. There are lot of old churches that have new uses in Sydney. It was an art gallery until recent years but it would seem it has more value as a bar and nightclub now.

  2. What a stately building, love that blue sky!

  3. it's wonder to have a place like these for seamen. impressive architecture.
    Happy New Year!


  4. I love the fact that such an old building is still being used. And for such a wonderful cause.

    my mellow yellows: Sunrise

  5. It's yellow! Lovely photo of majestic archetecture ~ Happy New Year to you ^_^

    (A Creative Harbor aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^)

  6. Great photo and I love the details on the soft yellow building. Wishing you joy this new year!

  7. Hi Jim,

    Thanks for sharing your blue sky.

    Happy New Year and Happy Blue Monday!

  8. Happy New Year Jim, look forward to lots of great snaps on Sydney C&S in 2013


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