Sunday, 14 July 2013

La Perouse, Receveur Tomb (Theme Day: Bastille Day, France)

The Receveur Tomb is located in the Botany Bay National Park overlooking Frenchmans Bay, in the eastern suburb of La Perouse. Claude-Francois Joseph Louis (Laurent) Receveur was the junior of the two chaplains on the expedition led by Jean-François de Galaup La Pérouse, which arrived in Botany Bay on January 26th, 1788 on the same day that Arthur Phillip and the First Fleet were moving from Botany Bay to Port Jackson. En route to Australia, eleven members of the expedition were attacked and killed with Receveur, according to Lapérouse, receiving 'a severely bruised eye' which led to his death. The Latin inscription on the grave reads: “Here lies L. Receveur French Priest of Friars Minor, Scientist in the Voyage Around the World under the leadership of de Laperouse, died February 17th, 1788.”
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  1. The cross makes a delicate shadow. May he rest in peace.

  2. It is fitting that he rests in sight of the bay - an honor to a pioneer looking for Terra Australis and finding it at great cost. A beautiful memorial in a lovely setting...

  3. Lovely shadow shot from a beautiful place! Looks so peaceful! Have a great weekend, Jim!

  4. Looks in good condition for it's age just a shame the surroundings have changed so much over the years.

  5. Very different and interesting feature to day.

  6. These coincidences of timing are always remarkable - I am always struck by how easily Australia could have been a French rather than British colony - and they we would have not had to have waited so long for good coffee!

    Cheers - Stewart M

    PS: I have been in central Australia for a week, hence slow reply.

    1. Could have been very interesting indeed if the French had also colonised Australia.

  7. That gives a whole new spin on the concept of a room with a view! An impressive area for this memorial!

  8. How apropos. And, it's so true, isn't it? Events like these change the course of history. Australia could've been easily colonized by the French.

  9. some really definite shadows there; great shot

    much love


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