Tuesday 25 November 2014

Camperdown, University of Sydney, MacLaurin Hall

MacLaurin Hall is part of the Quadrangle Group of buildings on the University of Sydney campus, in the inner city suburb of Camperdown. It was designed by Edmund Blacket assisted by Walter Liberty Vernon in the Gothic Revival architectural style and built in 1909 originally as the Fisher Library and the Nicholson Museum. When a new Fisher Library was built in 1965, it became known as MacLaurin Hall after Sir Henry Normand MacLaurin who was Chancellor from 1896 until his death in 1914.


  1. Your pictures of the building are very interesting. So I get to know a little Sidney. I have an aunt and cousin in Sidney (Adelaide) but unfortunately I have no contact.
    I just saw the weather with you. Send me a bit of heat over here in Northern Germany it's terribly cold!



  2. Jim, love the architecture of this building. It looks massive, and you have it dead center on the photo. Nice job.

  3. Uma imagem muito bonita e criativa. Uma obra de arte.
    Gostei muito!
    Um abra├žo!

  4. Excellent photo, beautiful architecture!

  5. An impressive building! I've always liked that architectural style, so this one appeals to me.

  6. Such a majestic building. You always share such interesting things. I appreciate your visit very much.

  7. It reminds me of a church, beautiful building.. Have a happy week!


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