Monday 20 July 2015

Banksia, mural

This mural runs along the external wall of the railway station, in the southern suburb of Banksia. The mural incorporates a flow of stainless steel Banksia leaves, a concept developed by Ruth Downes and Geoff Webster. Banksia, the plant and the suburb, are named after Joseph Banks, a naturalist along with Daniel Solander, on the expedition of the Endeavour led by James Cook. They explored the eastern coast of Australia in 1770 and landed at nearby Botany Bay. The first and last leaves are inscribed with the following quotes from their journals. "The great quantity of plants Mr Banks and Dr Solander found in this place occasioned my giving it the name Botany Bay" James Cook - May 1770. "Of Plants in general the countrey afforded a far larger variety than its barren appearance seemed to promise" Joseph Banks - August 1770. More of the mural can be seen here. 


  1. Normally external murals have to be careful not to take away from the natural vegetation. But this one looks very appropriate.

  2. Lovely and colourful mural. I like it

  3. I love encountering a mural in an unexpected place. So colorful!

  4. Hi Jim,

    That's a looong mural, isn't it? Thanks for playing today.

    Please come back and tell me what you think of my sibling post.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  5. This is real neat. Looks like a water ride shape I have been on at a water park. Nice bright colors this Mural.

  6. Never knew there were so many interesting murals all over the country.

  7. another delightful and colorful murals ~ great shot for Blue Monday!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  8. I love the sense of a current bringing the leaves along. Enjoyed the quotes, too. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.


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