Saturday, 30 January 2016

Haymarket, Memory Lines

Memory Lines or the Australian Workers Memorial is located in Reflection Park near the Sydney Entertainment Centre, in the inner city suburb of Haymarket. This 4.5 metre sculpture was designed by Ingrid Skirka and is made from bronze, steel and cement. It is a memorial dedicated to those workers who lost their lives in the workplace.


  1. We are working with similar design elements. Interesting sculpture and a fine memorial. Reflection Park should be a good place to find material for Weekend Reflections.

    1. Yes, our sculptures in front of a glass building match today. :)

  2. Very nice sculpture, it it appears to like staying on the ground but has 'wings' to break the bounds of gravity...nice art!

  3. A nice way to memorialize the worker who gave his all. Great shadows.

  4. A most intriguing sculpture design. Somehow each part seems to represent particular skilled labour... as intended. A clever, creative one.

  5. Interesting sculpture dedicated to those who lost their lives at the workplace.


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