Sunday, 17 January 2016

Woolwich, theatre

The Hunters Hill Theatre is located along Margaret Street, in the lower north shore suburb of Woolwich. The heritage-listed building was originally St John's Anglican Church, designed by Cyril Blacket and built in 1908 in the Victorian Free Gothic architectural style. The Hunters Hill Theatre began in 1930 and staged productions in various locations including the Town Hall, church halls and little Stables Theatre. In 1978 they found a permanent home in the timber church hall behind St John's until 1993 when it was destroyed by a fire lit by vandals. In 1995, it took over the deconsecrated St John's Church.


  1. Such a pretty little Anglican church. Wonder if it has the traditional red door. England is NOT happy with the Anglican church in the US....heard it on the news yesterday. Have to do some more research because I attend the Anglican Church. It has something to so with same sex marriages...I think.

  2. Where did Hunters Hill Theatre reside, before they moved into the church in the 1970s? And why was the church building de-sanctified (is that the correct word)? Thankfully it is heritage listed.

    1. The theatre performed at various venues until it found a permanent home. Not sure why the church was deconsecrated but I suspect a downturn in attendance but the adjacent suburb Hunters Hill still has two Anglican churches. I've added some info to the post but for more details click on the links.

  3. A church turned theater? Interesting! But, better to re-purpose it than bulldoze it down, I say!

  4. This is a lovely church, its style transitioning from the ornate stone the past to simpler lines and brick of the 20th century, Nice find

  5. A real theater?! Would be a good interruption for my thoughts, which surround the very risik-o-operation, that a near-standing person has to suffer next week!
    you see at my words and faults, that I cannot concentrate really!
    Until next friday, I hope, herzlich Pippa

  6. Bonjour,

    C'est vraiment une très belle église... Merci de nous la faire découvrir.

    Gros bisous ♡

  7. My thought too Tom. Get rid of that bush at the front, it detracts from the view.


  8. wow, it looks forgotten. i guess they need a trim. ( :

  9. Is it missing its bell? Looks like it needs some TLC.

  10. Isn't that a pretty building. I hear also that the Anglican communion worldwide is very unhappy and ready to part ways with the US Anglican church. Oddly enough, my post contains an Episcopal church, which is the Anglican church in the US.

  11. Lovely composition to the photo. Great old brick building!

  12. What a lovely little church. Thank you for sharing a bit of it's history too.
    Have a good week,


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