Monday 26 September 2016

Haymarket, In Between Two Worlds

"In Between Two Worlds" is an art installation located in Chinatown at Haymarket. This artwork, created by artist Jason Wing, explores themes of heaven and earth featuring painted wall murals, etched granite floor murals and 30 suspended illuminated spirit figures. This view is from Little Hay Street, looking down Kimber Lane towards Market City.


  1. Very cool. At first I thought you meant Haymarket, Boston, MA which is where I live.

  2. The artist was successful in making this ally attractive. The Spirit figures look great, and are quite classy.

  3. A very narrow laneway, but beautifully decorated by this creative mural.

  4. Hello Jim,I am sorry this comment is so late. We are visiting our son and his family about a 6 hour drive from our home and he is moving into a new home with our help. There has been no time for my computer.

    This mural is very lovely and it sure dresses up the small space. The artist is very accomplished.
    Happy belated Blue Monday.


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