Saturday, 17 September 2016

Hyde Park, Elizabeth Street

This view across Hyde Park towards Elizabeth Street. The buildings along the street include the heritage listed St. James Building and the Sheraton On The Park Hotel, while the buildings behind are the Citibank Tower, the Stockland Piccadilly Complex, the ANZ Bank Centre and Sydney Tower.
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  1. Hi Jim, good to see you back. Ditto what William said re architecture, it works!

  2. With a great streetscape like your photo, I am very glad some of the important buildings are heritage listed and protected. I hope the park is also heritage protected so that some turd doesn't concrete over the greenery and ruin the space that so many ordinary city-workers love.

  3. It is just great to sit in Hyde Park, and see the madness from a distance.

  4. I wish we had spent some time in the park, we only drove by it. Lovely shot.

  5. interesting how the top appartments are built. :)


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