Thursday, 29 September 2016

Newtown, Court House Hotel

The Court House Hotel is located on the corner of Australia Street and Lennox Street, in the inner city suburb of Newtown. This heritage listed pub was originally built in 1860 with additions made in 1890 in the Victorian architectural style.


  1. It is such a beautiful building! And a great pic in the sunshine!

  2. Did the Court House Hotel, at least the 1890 version, have anything to do with a court? Possibly the hotel might have been built near a court so the lawyers and police would have somewhere to drink, after an exhaustive day dealing with prisoners.

    1. Hels, as Gemma has said below, Newtown court house is close by here, along Australia Street. So I would say many lawyers and police would have drunk here over the years.

  3. I just did some Googling, and found the old courthouse (1885) - still in use - is down the road in Australia Street. Perhaps the name of the hotel identified that it was near an historic landmark in the area. (It used to be called Kingston Lodge Hotel apparently.) Fascinating building.

  4. Replies
    1. No, Photo Cache. It's only a few suburbs from where I live. I have been to quite a few of the pubs in the suburb of Newtown though. It's a notable hangout. :)

  5. I love those corner buildings in Australia. Bet it's a nice place.


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