Thursday, 11 May 2017

Gladesville, hospital

The former Gladesville Mental Hospital was a psychiatric hospital along Victoria Road, in the lower north shore suburb of Gladesville. It was originally known as Tarban Creek Lunatic Asylum. This heritage listed sandstone building (item 30) was built close to the Punt Road entrance around 1874 as a store for the hospital. Barnet's stores and workshops were converted into an administration block in 1910. It was amalgamated with the Macquarie Hospital at North Ryde in 1993 and all inpatient services were consolidated there in 1997. This building is now used by Giant Steps, a school specifically for children with autism.


  1. Had an Asylum in our village but it closed in 2003, it's now converted into Housing

  2. It looks neat and as if the windows receive decent sunlight.

  3. It has a bit closed character seeing this photo.

  4. They weren't very PC naming things back then, eh?

  5. "Giant Steps Clock Tower" is an odd name. Clocks usually take quite small, carefully measured steps. Or perhaps the steps up the tower are very tall?

    1. Giant Steps is an education and treatment centre for children with autism.

  6. Lovely old building with a great clock tower.


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