Sunday, 28 May 2017

Strathfield South, Uniting Church

This Uniting Church is located on the corner of Liverpool Road and Frances Street, in the western suburb of Strathfield South. It is also known as Sydney The Lord's Church Faith Community which conducts services in Korean.


  1. The large glass wall reminds me of a couple of churches here.

  2. I'll bet it's even more stunning from the inside looking out through those windows!

  3. I agree with Paula. most of the churches I stepped into are rather dark inside.

  4. ...the Uniting Church, what a wonderful name.

  5. Can imagine how beautiful the sunlight shining on the stained glass window would be when sitting on the inside! Many thanks Jim for sharing this modern church building with All Seasons! Have a great week:)

  6. Holy Spirt is partly red ~ new visual for me ~ 'on fire with the spirit?' ~ neat touch of red for Ruby Too ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

    1. Apparently the Holy Spirit is represented in scriptures both as a dove and as fire. So in the logo, the dove and fire are combined.


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