Sunday, 14 May 2017

Ryde, St James Presbyterian Church

St James Presbyterian Church is located on the corner of Bowden Street and Squire Street, in the northern suburb of Ryde. This heritage listed church was designed by A.L. McCredie and Anderson Architects and built in 1924 in the Inter-war Gothic architectural style.


  1. Ryde is a gorgeous suburb. I love it when you locate and photograph old buildings of architectural or historical importance. Even when the building material or design is not exactly what we might have chosen ourselves, you are preserving a long legacy of churches, court houses etc.

  2. The shadows of that grand old tree are stark against the church.

  3. The tree looks older than the church. The Henly I featured this week is the original yours would be named after

    1. Yes. Like a lot of Sydney suburbs which have been named after towns or places in the UK.

  4. ...the brick with stone trim looks great.

  5. A very interesting style this church has - definitely some Gothic features. Never would have guessed it would have this been this old! Many thanks for sharing this remarkable church with All Seasons! Have a great week:)

  6. Love the church, it looks inviting. You captured it beautifully.


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