Sunday, 20 June 2021

Mascot, Beckenham Uniting Church

The former Beckenham Uniting Church is located on the corner of Botany Road and Wentworth Avenue, in the eastern suburb of Mascot. The heritage listed church was designed by ecclesiastical architect Arthur Layton-Clark in an Interwar Gothic style and built in 1933 as the Beckenham Memorial Congregational Church, The property was resumed by the State Government of New South Wales in 2015 and the adjacent church hall was demolished for road widening. A small landscaped area called Dr Darragh Reserve was created between the road and the church, which will be repurposed now.


  1. Impressive credentials, Jim. Too bad the road had to go there, but good that the old church could stay.

  2. As with many churches in the States they are being recycled to other uses.

    1. Yes, I found an advert for leasing the building for commercial use, when I was researching its history.


  3. A beautiful rosette. An interesting building.

  4. This was my church and Sunday school from 1950 onwards. I have such happy memories of growing up there and of a good Sunday school with anniversary times at the end of October and the Sunday school picnic at Bronte. I am sad to see it go.


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