Saturday, 21 August 2021

Cockle Bay, jet boat

A jet boat moored along the western foreshore of Cockle Bay at Darling Harbour, with the city skyline reflected in the bay. This photo is from the a few years back when the monorail track still ran along Pyrmont Bridge.
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  1. I would love to live in a flat that directly faces the bay, especially in great weather.

  2. Great view of the harbour, the jet boat and the city skyline. Happy weekend.

  3. this skyline is very impressive! It makes a beautiful reflection!

  4. That's a pretty boat find. The entire picture is a nice, pretty one. I've only ridden in an airboat once, it was a Louisiana swamp boat hunt for alligators. Not to catch but rather for tourists to see and photograph. Alligators weren't new to us though, we have many in Texas, even in the local creeks and bayou. But we don't have many swamps.

    1. Thankfully, we don't have alligators or crocodiles in Sydney, Jim. ;)

  5. Nice reflection and vantage point make for a beautiful composition.

  6. I was just at the Maritime Museum - a click and collect. I miss the city! Thanks for joining #Allseasons - openining Saturday mornings now.


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