Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Dobell Memorial Sculpture

The Dobell Memorial Sculpture is located on a traffic island, at the corner of Bond Street and Pitt Street. It was created by Herbert ‘Bert’ Flugelman in 1979 and commemorates landscape and portrait artist William Dobell. This controversial stainless steel sculpture, nicknamed the "Silver Shish Kebab", was originally installed in Martin Place but was moved to this less prominent location in 1999.


  1. I can clearly understand why the city wanted to honour Dobell, but I am not sure what element of Dobell inspired this stainless steel sculpture. Assuming it was approved before Flugelman started, why was it so controversial later?

    1. It was a very contemporary sculpture and I guess people didn't like it's position near the heritage post office, bank and insurance buildings.

  2. Very nice sculpture. It's looking amazing. I never saw such a unique sculpture.

  3. Very interesting sculpture.

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  4. I really like it, I can see how it got it's name.


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