Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Bondi Bay

The waves are crashing on the rocks below the Coastal Walk in the eastern suburb of Bondi, looking across Bondi Bay to North Bondi. 
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  1. My favourite part of Sydney, bar none, is Bondi beach.

  2. That’s a beautiful scene. Love the blue water.

  3. Replies
    1. I misunderstood that for a moment and thought what a wierd question (I was taken aback to be honest!!) And that says more about the impact of the state of the news/world and what it's doing to our brains....but then the surname sunk in....yes, a very big deal here.

    2. Stefan, I did not get a chance to get out to Bondi, mostly because it was so early in the morning. I think it would have been a bit of traffic chaos with all the people trekking down there for the Spencer Tunick photo shoot. I did see some photos from a couple of Bondi locals though.

  4. There's been a few good days to hit the beach lately. Thanks for joining in #Allseasons


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