Saturday 16 December 2023

Central Chalmers Street, light rail stop

The Central Chalmers Street Light Rail Stop is located along Chalmers Street, between Central Railway Station and the Dental Hospital, in the inner city suburb of Surry Hills. It is part of the CBD and South East Light Rail Service, made up of the L2 Randwick Light Rail line and L3 Kingsford Light Rail line which run from Circular Quay.
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  1. Nice picture, Jim. Dunno if you had light rail in 2013. We rode busses, boats, and railrod (across the famous beidge), but not light rail. Nor the overhead, our senior pass wouldnt work for it.
    by Jim TX

    1. Yes, the buses, ferries, trains and light rail are all public transport but the monorail was privately operated. There was only one light rail line from 2000 but another longer service through the city opened in 2019.

  2. Happy Chirstmas! Thanks for sharing with #Allseasons


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