Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Wolli Creek, St Magdalen's Chapel

St Magdalen's Chapel is located in the southern suburb of Wolli Creek. The Sisters of the Good Samaritan bought the Greenbank estate in 1884 to use as a charitable refuge for women. The chapel was designed by Sheerin & Hennessy in the Victorian neo-Gothic architectural style and built it in 1888. In recent years it has been deconsecrated and restored to form part of the Discovery Point residential redevelopment site.
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  1. wow, it's so beautiful, it's a lego.. such a pretty chapel :) dropping by for RT.

  2. as I look at your church photos, I think of the churches I saw in Christchurch. What a blessing Sydney is not in earthquake zone.

  3. Nice photos, especially I like the first one.


  4. Lovely building, looks very well kept too.


  5. Chrissy Brand, this church was restored in recent years so that's why it looks particularly great.

  6. St Magdalen's doth blush a delicate red!


    I am feeling red today—
    Better that than blue, they say.

    Red is such a cheery shade,
    Sweetest color ever made,

    Brightens everything you do—
    Better red, they say, than blue!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher


  7. I recently inspected the St. Magdalene's Chapel and the Tempe House residence. Most impressive and the restoration is outstanding. Warren Alexander the representative of Australand was most co-operative and informative. I have a wedding ceremony to conduct at 3.00pm on Saturday, 2 February, 2013 at this beautiful chapel. As an experienced Marriage Celebrant of 18 years this is my first wedding at this Chapel, so it going to be a very special experience. Brian Loomes. CMC JP.
    www.bmloomes.com.au bmloomes@bigponmd.com 0418 22 66 50.

  8. hello there. it is a beautiful building. I was just wondering if the hall next to it was available to rent out to use for a 1st birthday party/christening venue. if anyone knows, please let me know who I can contact to book. thank you.

    John C


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