Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Sydney Town Hall, York Street

This side view of the Sydney Town Hall is from York Street. The heritage listed building was designed by John H. Wilson and completed in 1889 in the Grand Victorian Second Empire architectural style. In the background of this sandstone heritage building are contemporary skyscrapers the HSBC Centre on George Street and Lumiere in Bathurst Street. This view of the town hall is improved in Winter when the trees have dropped all their leaves.


  1. The vintage town hall looks great in front of two larger and more modern buildings.

  2. I agree totally with Jack!! Terrific capture, Jim! Always love your blue, blue skies! Have a great week!


  3. A nice view of this contrast in building styles!
    And, yes though trees are lovely, they can obscure other lovely things.

  4. It's a lovely old building, Jim.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  5. This is a great shot Jim. Winter is the time to catch views like this. I also like the old and new together - would love to have an apartment there.

  6. Have you been to Auckland? Your town hall is like a sister to Auckland"s.

  7. Excellent contrast between old and new Jim, a rose between two thorns!!

  8. I was looking down George St yesterday and thinking how good it looks - like your photo

  9. Hi there - alwsy did like the "old and new" kind of picture for buildings - and this is a very good example!

    Cheers Stewart M

  10. Love the contrast between two buildings and both are awesome!


  11. There's a bit of red in that shot, so I'll take it as a sign that this post will suffice for Ruby Tuesday as well as other memes. I'm glad to see the town hall in winter. Otherwise, foliage would obscure much of the building!


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    It makes a nice piece
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  12. This old building is an architectural delight. Oh, how I love these old structures with the clock towers atop them. Such a wonderful capture. As I say every time I comment on your blog...I love your city. Genie


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