Saturday, 13 August 2011

Sydney Olympic Park, ferry wharf

The reflection of the Sydney Olympic Park ferry wharf along the Parramatta River is enhanced by the golden afternoon sun. The wharf serves the western suburb of Wentworth Point, which was previously known as Homebush Bay. A regular service is provided by RiverCat ferries on the Parramatta River route of Sydney Ferries.


  1. Great shot..Sydney seems to be a great place..i hope one day i could visit australia.

    Have a great day.


  2. Nice shot. I like the reflections too.

    I am still on virtual vacation – a sabbatical of sorts but love to pop in on people. To me it is something like opening the door on the outhouse...

    You are always in for a big surprise!

  3. love your site. Beautiful pictures from a wondrous city

  4. So beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Have a nice and happy week****

  5. One day I must catch a ferry to Parramatta and see all these places.

  6. Simply beautifully captured shot...lovely!

  7. Hah! I was on a similar wharf below Taronga today. Should that be two 'oo's ... sorta looks wrong.

  8. Definately Taronga for the zoo. I think Taroonga is a place name in Victoria.


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