Thursday, 2 April 2009

Moore Park, Eastern Distributor, traffic island garden

A few weeks ago, I noticed the installation of a couple of unusual planter boxes on the traffic islands at Moore Park (above), at the intersection of Cleveland Street and South Dowling Street, which is part of the Eastern Distributor. The planters were created by splitting a small car in two. I thought this was an innovative and adventurous installation by the local council. It turns out, the local council wasn’t responsible but it was actually part of a new reality television, gardening makeover show called Guerrilla Gardeners, where they spruce up certain parts of the city that they feel have been neglected. It is an interesting concept that has created controversy with local councils because the gardeners do not obtain their permission and also because show highlights the council’s neglect. The media has been reporting about councils preventing them from completing their work or altering them once completed but locals seem to support them. The installation here is an improvement but unfortunately, without regular maintainenance, it's already starting to look a bit neglected compared to what it looked like at the start.


  1. Surprised its still htere. I've got a pic of one outside the Reserve Bank in Martin Place, which I will put up sooner or later, but it only lasted one day.

  2. That's amazing. Doesn't look like anyone is taking care of it.

    Thanks very much for stopping by The Villages DP. Much appreciated!

  3. This is the most creative use I've seen for an old car. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That is a very clever way to make the city a bit brighter! thanks for posting it.

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