Friday, 10 April 2009

Naremburn, St Leonards Catholic Church

Today is Good Friday, one of the most important days on the Christian calendar and also a public holiday right across Australia. The steeple of St Leonards Catholic Church dominates the skyline of the northern suburb of Naremburn. It is a prominent structure on the horizon of the adjacent suburb of Crows Nest, as can be seen here from the popular restaurant and cafe precinct along Willoughby Road. Another adjacent suburb, St Leonards, took its name from this church.


  1. Everything looks so clean and orgabized there. Happy Good Sky Watch Friday!

  2. Beautiful, the photo look so clear. We also commemorate Good Friday. And we are waiting for Easter for a feast.

  3. Perfect lighting and beautiful church! Thanks! Lu

  4. Wow, the color of the church against the blue of the sky is amazing. Would love to be able to see it in person. Hope your Good Friday is blessed.

  5. Lovely shots! Very pretty church! Happy Good Friday!


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