Saturday, 11 April 2009

Haberfield, St David's Uniting Church

St David's Uniting Church is located in the inner west suburb of Haberfield. This heritage listed sandstone church was built in 1869 in the the Victorian Academic Gothic architectural style, as a Presbyterian Church. The Uniting Church in Australia is the third largest single Christian denomination in Australia and was formed by the union of the Methodist Church of Australasia, Presbyterian Church of Australia and Congregational Union of Australia.


  1. I do like how you get around our suburbs, Jim. The churches thus far are really gorgeous examples.

  2. Thanks Julie. I'm trying to show a little bit of everything.

  3. such a lovely old church, the stone in different light must be quite amazing to see...

  4. Wonderful. The indentations on each side of the front wall are interesting.

  5. hey, Jim. hope you are well. ( :
    i enjoy how it resembles a castle. nice!


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