Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Rockdale, Resurrection of Christ Macedonian Orthodox Church

The Resurrection of Christ Macedonian Orthodox Church is located along Frederick Street, in the southern suburb of Rockdale. It was built in 1892 as a Rockdale Congregational Church, which later became part of the Uniting Church. Not far away, a newer building St Petka Macedonian Orthodox Church, is located along Railway Parade. You don't usually have two churches of the same denomination in the same suburb but in this case there has been some sort of dispute within the church which has resulted in a split.


  1. My mum and dad live just up the road from that first building.

  2. There's some beautiful old houses in that part of Rockdale, Ann.

  3. Golly, this blogging caper makes the world small, doesn't it?

    Neither of the churches involved in this schism appear to be short of a few bob ...

    1. The Churches included were totally built and have been funded by the local Macedonian community.

      "Neither of the churches involved in this schism appear to be short of a few bob ..." is an ignorant comment but I mean no disrespect. I don't agree with the court case either, it's not very Christian of them. The smaller church is not involved in the court case & is very short of funds.

      God bless.

  4. Replies
    1. That's Macedonian, as in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

  5. Macedonians do not have they own church,they are under Serbian Ortodox church.

  6. They do have their own churches in Australia. They are part of the Macedonian Orthodox Diocese of Australia and New Zealand.

  7. well....tahnks for commenting on my blog,i just wanted to inform you,not to provocate. by the way in today world every country want to have they own church. see ya


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