Sunday, 5 April 2009

Oatley town clock

The town clock in Frederick Street at Oatley was dedicated by the community in 1983. The suburb was named after James Oatley senior, the convict watch-maker who was granted a conditional pardon. He owned a watch shop in George Street in the city and was appointed as overseer of the Town Clock for his work installing the clock at Hyde Park Barracks. He received several land grants in this area that were inherited by his son Frederick, who also went into the family business and took over his father's watch shop.


  1. A very interesting clock tower and an interesting history. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. He put in his "time" so they made him make watches...?

    Nice shot of an interesting timepiece.

  3. Such an unusual timepiece, workd so well against your true blue sky.

  4. It´s a very exceptional tower only for a clock. It has an intriguing history too. Thanks.

  5. Clock tower always become interesting place as landmark..
    Nice shot and have a nice day.


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