Thursday, 9 April 2009

Cronulla, St Andrew's Anglican Church

St Andrew's Anglican Church is located on the corner of The Kingsway and St Andrews Place, in the southern suburb of Cronulla. It was built in 1935 in the Byzantine architectural style with art deco features. The Anglican Church of Australia is the second biggest Christian denomination in Australia, which has its origins with the Church of England.
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  1. And the Philippines (well, most of it anyway) is shutting down for two whole days!

    I like the simple lines of this church. Very calm and peaceful effect even from the outside.

  2. This does not seem like any other Anglican church that I have ever seen. My eyes have only seen the ones based on the English model. This appears more Eastern European to me.

  3. Hilda, that's interesting that you have Holy Thursday and Good Friday as public holidays in the Philippines. In Australia we have Good Friday and Easter Monday (the day after Easter Sunday).

  4. I really like the dome on that church!

  5. We wish you a blessed Easter.
    Over here in Picton NZ The big Supermarkets are all closed today, but smaller grocers and dairies are open.
    That is a beautiful old Church.

  6. hee hee... «Louis» sees this one is from the archives - but as he has never seen it before, until he saw the date on the post, he thought you took it yesterday. :-)

  7. enjoy the dome shaped roof. awesome find. ( :

  8. What a great looking place! It does remind me of the art deco in Napier.

    1. Betty, I loved my visit to Napier. Great art deco town.

  9. You can definitely see the Byzantine influence - very eastern med!


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