Sunday, 19 April 2009

Kogarah, Resurrection of Christ Greek Orthodox Church

The Resurrection of Christ Greek Orthodox Church is in the southern suburb of Kogarah. It was constructed in the 1980s but due to modern day noise restrictions, the planned bell tower on the left was never completed. The entrance to the church is decorated with palms for Palm Sunday.


  1. Too bad about the bell tower. I like the sound of church bells!

    I think this is the simplest design I've seen of a Greek Orthodox Church as yet. I like it, especially the arch of colored window panes over the entrance.

  2. Wow! You've been running around a lot to photograph these churches huh? Thanks for sharing. They are awesome.

  3. That is so ridiculous that the bell tower was not completed because of noise restrictions!
    Church bells are an fact of life, like any other music

  4. i go to this church. if you think the design is simple go inside and see.... i go everyday on holy week and every sunday. if you are interested in the orthodox religon and want to know that it is the true religon to prove it go to this website. it happens every easter and can only come if there is and ORTHODOX PRIEST. it is called the holy light that comes from god. the peoples candles light up out of no where. this is a mirical and proves our religon.

  5. The bell towers monstrosity is beyond stupidity. It is an utter disgrace to my thriving Greek culture.


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