Thursday, 30 April 2009

Hyde Park, statue, Captain Cook

This statue of Captain James Cook in Hyde Park was sculpted by Thomas Woolner. It was unveiled by Governor Sir Hercules Robinson, on Tuesday 25th February 1879. The statue was erected to commemorate Captain Cook's discovery of the east coast of Australia in 1770.


  1. Lordy, you are not embarking on a series of CC statues are you? How courageous, minister! I love this. Go on - how many have you found?

    It must take you forever to build up a store of photos on a subject before you embark upon each of your series. I love that level of planning.

  2. Ha ha! I actually do have a couple of other Captain Cook monuments that I could show Julie, but I might save those for another time. I don't want to run the risk of boring people with too many similar snaps.
    I've actually taken heaps of photos of Sydney landmarks over the past five years and I'm mixing some of these in with the new photos that I'm taking every week. I'm trying to find interesting themes and ways to present them all.

  3. That's the challenge isn't it - interesting themes and ways to present them. You have dun real good at this!!

  4. I'm trying to not take those kind of shots, especially around my area of the city because our territories encroach and I know I have a lot of very similar shots to you.

  5. Y'know that syndrome: you buy a new car and that is all you see on the road for days!

    I was driving through Randwick this evening and what did I see: a CC statue!

    In front of the Restaurant Balzac which is that tricky intersection of Belmore, Avoca and High St.

    Spotters Fee to the usual bank account, Jim!!!!!

  6. Appears as though he is standing on a large beer mug.

  7. You won't believe it Julie but I already have a photo of that statue at Randwick too. However, I only remembered it this morning when you suggested that I might be running a series of CC statues, so I probably should still pay you that spotters fee. :)

    Anyway, it will have to wait a while because I'm changing themes tomorrow, since it's the first of the month and a theme day.


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