Saturday, 17 November 2012

Sutherland, Woronora Cemetery, Stations of the Cross

The “Stations of the Cross” monument was installed in 2012 at Woronora General Cemetery,  in the southern suburb of Sutherland. The sculpture behind this information board is similar to the fourteen sculptures carved from single granite blocks. They feature a series of scenes that depict Christ’s final hours before the Crucifixion. Special devotions have been written to commemorate each of the Stations and the faithful are invited to walk clockwise to each Station, reflecting as they progress. The “Resurrection of Christ” statue has been placed in the centre with each Station symbolically looking inwards.


  1. What a beautiful monument. Wonderful to walk and see all 14 granite stones. Have a nice weekend.

  2. This is a very modern way to portray the Stations of the Cross. I like the granite monument. Do you find that the text overlaid on the clear panel detracts from the beauty of the sculpture?

    1. Joe, it's quite a contemporary way of presenting the text. The other sculptures don't have the glass panel overlay. You can see how they are presented in the statue post, that I showed on Tuesday.

  3. great series all week Jim.
    have great weekend :)

  4. Great shot, Jim. Nice series.

  5. The reflections off the polished granite are subtle but reflecting on the words is a good connection.

  6. Beautiful sculpture!

    Have a great week, Jim!

  7. What a good idea to have stations of the cross in a cemetery. I've never seen that.
    This one is so nicely done.

  8. When I was a child I lived close to Woronora cemetery. I used to take a short cut through there to get home sometimes. I was always a little spooked. One day a bat chased me while I was riding my bike, I think they are attracted by the sound. I never went through there again until recently as both my parents are buried there.


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