Sunday, 4 November 2012

Tamarama, Sculpture By The Sea

Came Back by Hiro Nakayama
Warrior by Ron Robertson-Swann
Menganang (Memory) by Cave Urban
How Close We Are 2011 by Jonas Hallberg and Rene Dybdahl Petersen
Mirador By Rachel Couper and Ivana Kuzmanovska
Sculpture by the Sea is the world's largest annual free public outdoor sculpture exhibition, located on the coastal walk between Bondi and Tamarama. The 16th annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition ends today. These sculptures at Marks Park in Tamarama have scenic backdrops of the Pacific Ocean, Bondi Beach and North Bondi.


  1. I am so loving all these sculptural images! Thank you! All very powerful-particularly the Menganang (I Googled it to find out more about it). Wow. Thank you!

  2. Interessantes e diferentes estas esculturas.


  3. What wonderful sculptures, Jim!! I've really enjoyed these! Unique and different and great shadows for the day!

  4. Jim - I'm lovin' all these sculptures! Fantastic!

  5. The amazing sculptures are so dramatic with the ocean back drop on a sunny day! Beautiful idea!

  6. Amazing sculptures against beautiful blue waters. I would love to be talented enough to create such works of art. And to be able to display them by the water's edge...Awesome!!
    Thanks for sharing them!
    Happy Sunday!

  7. Your place has many beautiful things to see.

    Scare Crow Shadow
    Have a blessed Sunday.


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