Monday, 21 October 2013

Hyde Park Barracks Museum, Snailovation

These giant yellow snail sculptures have been located in Queen's Square, in front of the Hyde Park Barracks Museum. Snailovation are brightly coloured snails that were created by the Cracking Art Group. They were installed on city streets and in parks as part of Art and About Sydney, a festival of art in unusual places which ran until yesterday.


  1. I enjoy coming across art in unusual places Jim :)

  2. Love those yellow snails!

  3. Loving the different Snails appearing in your photos from across Sydney
    Hope you are keeping safe from the terrible Bush fires raging close to Sydney at the moment?
    Hugs from Melbourne to everyone in Sydney at the moment.

    1. Thanks for your concern, Wren. I live close to the city so our home is not in danger but the whole city has been affected by smoke for the past six days. We have not had rain for a long time and unfortunately today we have high temperatures and winds again which is making things worse.

  4. Balance and symmetry Jim. All is right with the world.

  5. I see snails all over--much like the Cows on Parade in Chicago.

    Happy Blue Monday, Jim!

  6. The snails certainly add some vibrant sunshine to the more tame tones of the barracks. The snails are like sentinels.

  7. I hope there's not a rush on the gates because I'm not sure that those snails will be able to cope.
    They're just so different and unusual but I suppose that adds to their charm.
    Love that blue sky but worrying about you all over there listening to the horrendous fire reports on the news.
    Stay safe and take care ;D


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