Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hyde Park, Sandringham Gardens

Sandringham Gardens are located located on the eastern side of Hyde Park North, on the corner of Park Street and College Street. Sandringham Gardens were developed to commemorate the intended visit in 1952 of King George VI, but cancelled due his sudden death. The gardens were then created as a memorial to King George VI and King George V and associated with the King's home at Sandringham, Norfolk, England. These memorial gates lead to a sunken garden with a decorative fountain in the centre and partly enclosed by a pergola. The pergola is currently being used for the Little Sydney Lives photographic exhibition.  Click here to view all participants of Outdoor Wednesday


  1. The fountain is so beautifully designed as if part of the garden is within the fountain. Lovely.

  2. Beautiful!!

    Jocelyn @

  3. Very lovely fountain and garden,
    Thanks for your visit :)

  4. Such a pretty design for the fountain...and the orange really does stand out.

  5. Lovely fountain. I like the photo in your header a lot.

  6. pretty cool with he "fake pipes" that the water is cooming from...


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