Saturday, 28 December 2013

Darling Harbour, ferry restaurant, Santa Fest

The S.S. South Steyne is a steam ferry built in 1938 which was in service between Manly and Circular Quay for over 36 years. It was restored in 1987 and is now used as a floating restaurant at Darling Harbour. This view is from Harbourside, showing Santa Claus on the top deck and banners along the Pyrmont Bridge as part of Santa Fest.


  1. I was taken to dinner once on a boat (called Flanagans Afloat I believe) in the harbour and it was the best restaurant experience I have EVER had. The food was fine, but I mean the view, the colours, the atmosphere, the excitement.

    1. I do recall the name from back in the 70s. I just googled it and discovered it was the ferry that was moored at Rose Bay for many years before it ended up at Balmain in recent times.

  2. Great! We are just thinking about going to Australia next winter so I am bookmarking this restaurant!

  3. I love floating restaurant... Great shot...

  4. What great history for the once steam ferry!! I'll be sure to order shrimp please!! [or prawn?]

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones..

  5. A floating restaurant seems nice to visit. Lovely place.

  6. How nice that it could still be useful after its retirement.


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