Thursday, 25 September 2014

Jesse Street Gardens, plaque

This bronze plaque is located at the entrance of Jesse Street Gardens at Circular Quay. It commemorates the opening of the park in 1990 and its dedication to Australian Women. Jesse Street (1889-1970) was a noted feminist and international peace campaigner. She gained international publicity for the situation of Aboriginal Australians and her suggested amendments to the Australian constitution were adopted in 1967.


  1. What a lady! Good for doesn't see many monuments to great women.

  2. What a great lady to memorize with a park and bronze sign. Good for her.

  3. Jim, I remember learning the word quay on your blog. Thanks for contributing to my continuing education. Tom The Backroads Traveller

    1. No worries., Tom. There's quite a lot I've learnt from reading blogs too.

  4. Jesse Street was indeed a noted feminist and international peace campaigner. Since it is fairly rare that special places, like the Gardens, are named for women, I say well done Sydney!

  5. It's amazing what people have to do just to get some basic human rights.


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