Sunday 14 September 2014

Paddington, Royal Hotel

The Royal Hotel is located at Five Ways, on the corner of Glennmore Road and Broughton Street, in the inner city suburb of Paddington. This heritage listed pub was built in 1888.


  1. Looks good Jim, the cafe across the road doesn't look bad either!

  2. The lovely top half of the building looks original to 1888 and the veranda is perfect.
    But the bottom half doesn't match.

  3. Magnificent architecture and an amazing blue sky Jim.

  4. Oh Jim,

    That shot could be used for a post card! Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  5. I remember having lunch there...good food!

  6. Nice shot this wonderfull hotel.
    Greeting from Belgium "with a diner in Blue Sky Mons"
    with "Monday Blue", "Skywatch Friday "

  7. The second floor looks charming with the balcony seating, and the top right looks fun with the little windows in the little towers.

  8. I have a large painting of this hotel, by famous Australian cartoonist and painter George Napier Sprod. Its a closer up of the hotel, would have been painted around late 60s 70s. ties in with when he returned to Oz and went to live in Sydney. Shows a surly landlord at door with a beer bottle, two people on the veranda looking over town ( veranda was beautiful then, all lacy ironmongery painted white.a very iconic hippy couple, and a lady disappearing up street on right obviously going shopping. A sign in window of hotel reads in big letters French Cunsine! Only looked up the painter yesterday, was amazed to find it was such a very well known artist, who signed himself Sprod. All these years and I didn't know, just looked up the hotel just now to find it is still there, although the veranda not so pretty now..still pretty amazing! Anyone throw any light on this painting, maybe George Sprod stayed there??


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