Sunday, 21 September 2014

Little Bay, Interdenominational Australian Nurses War Memorial Chapel

The Interdenominational Australian Nurses War Memorial Chapel is located along Lister Avenue, in the eastern suburb of Little Bay. The original chapel was built in 1967 as part of the former Prince Henry Hospital site, looking out on the Pacific Ocean. It was destroyed by fire in 1981 but was rebuilt to the original plans in 1982.


  1. My daughter was a nurse in the US Army for 12 years, serving in Desert Storm. Like this memorial.

  2. As always I am amazed at how many great structures you come across. This is beautiful.

  3. What a fine idea, one that I had never heard of. Is the memorial for the brave women who worked in WW1 battle field hospitals?

    1. Hels, the plaque on the church says that it is dedicated to the nurses who served at times of war.

  4. Beautiful little chapel. It reminds me of a small pyramid.

  5. Jim this is a very interesting looking chapel. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  6. It's great - it looks very 1967, doesn't it!


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