Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Watsons Bay, The Gap

The Gap is an ocean cliff on the South Head peninsula, in eastern suburb of Watsons Bay. This view is of the weathered rocks below the cliff being pounded by the waves of the Pacific Ocean which have created some amazing patterns. The cliff is popular for sightseers but it has also gained infamy for suicides. 


  1. Whoa you mean this is not man made but natures! Amazing! #ww

  2. Lovely shot. Love the surf breaks over the stones.

  3. Mother Nature has done a wonder ful job of carving and sculpting those rocks. Great energy in those pounding waves.

  4. Its almost impossible to believe that these geometric patterns aren't manmade!
    And this spot is far too lovely for suicide!
    Great capture, and thank you for linking up at

  5. Those are strange patterns to be natural, and a very rough sea. Nice capture!

  6. I can almost feel the energy of the waves. I can see the wonderful geometric shapes of the boulder. Oh my goodness, folks come to such a lovely spot to commit suicide.
    JM, Illinois-U.S.A.

  7. Replies
    1. Ann, I can't find any evidence of the carvings being man made.

  8. what a beautiful place, how sad its marred by tragedy.

    great capture Jim.

  9. Beautiful and treacherous at the same time Jim.

  10. Nature is a great artist. It's a pity that desperate people choose this place to end their life.


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