Friday, 10 April 2015

The Rocks, New York Hotel

This heritage listed building is located along George Street at The Rocks. The former New York Hotel was built in 1908 in the Federation Free architectural style. It has a five storey tower section and a lower three storey section splayed at a slight angle to follow the change in the alignment of the street. In the late 1980s, a large commercial building called the DFS Galleria, was erected behind this building with the facades of a number of buildings and shopfronts incorporated into the complex.


  1. I love the decorative facade on the arches and the color as well, Jim.

  2. Wonderful Fall skies and such an interesting, different looking building! Great shot as always, Jim! Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. Beautiful image!

    It seems to have a lot of stories to tell...

    Bia <°))))<

  4. I like the contrast of the lightly coloured buildings against your lovely sky.

  5. This is a very different unique picture of buildings. I so like it and the sky. Pretty perfect.


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