Saturday, 10 October 2015

Sydney Olympic Park, Northern Water Feature

This pool is part of the Northern Water Feature, at Sydney Olympic Park in the western suburb of Homebush Bay. The fountains consist of rows of water plumes, with the first two rows on granite terraces that cascade water down to this pool with another row of water plumes. Haslam Pier is the walkway beside them that leads to a lookout to Haslams Creek. A view of the whole water feature can be seen here.


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  2. Beautifully designed!

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    1. William, these spammers are becoming sneakier and sneakier at getting through.

  3. You captured the spray very well. Good reflection. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Pretty....
    ...and I like your narration...the term water plumes!

  5. Klasse Fotos,
    Lieben Gruß Eva

  6. I've never seen a water feature like that before!

  7. Bela fotografia.
    Gostei do blog.
    Um abraço.

  8. Nice view of the water feature and the fence. - I checked out the other photo too, such a unique water fountain.


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