Saturday, 19 November 2016

Farm Cove, Man O'War Jetty

Man O'War West Jetty is one of two floating jetties connected to the Man O'War Steps at Farm Cove at Bennelong Point. They are adjacent to the Sydney Opera House and an entrance to the Royal Botanic Gardens. The names come from a Man O'War ship that was once anchored nearby in Sydney Harbour. Garden Island dockyard can be seen in the distance at Potts Pont.


  1. a floating jetty, that's pretty cool! i was stung by a man o war in hawaii while snorkeling, very painful!

  2. such a nice place. sitting in the middle of the sea

  3. I was studying it and it has some very solid design elements

  4. It would be very pleasant to go down onto the jetty (is that allowed?) and stare at Garden Island dockyard.

    1. Yes, Hels. You can walk down there. Water taxis drop off and pick up people from here all the time.

  5. Quite a solid structure sitting quite low to the water.

  6. I thought of the animal first instead of the idea of a ship. The floating dock does look solid.


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