Sunday, 23 July 2017

Enfield, St Josephs Catholic Church

St Josephs Catholic Church is located on the corner of Liverpool Road and Baker Street, in the western suburb of Enfield. This heritage listed church was designed by C Glancy and built in 1931 as a replica of the famous Church of St Madeleine in Paris.


  1. Impressive facade of the building! Lovely architecture!

  2. Gosh it looks like something you'd see in the USA, very cool.

  3. That comparison is so true. St Madeleine in Paris is a neo-classical Roman temple, and so is St Joseph's.

  4. Massive pillars make massive shadows. Thanks for linking to Shadow Shot Sunday 2.

  5. Indeed-a grand church! Those are epic shadows on the front of the church.
    (funny how my comments get published only when I'm logged into my laptop which has an outdated version of Chrome).

    1. That's interesting, Paula. I have the same problem looking at links on some blogs but there is no problem using my phone.


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