Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Haymarket, Capitol Theatre

This row of shops, cafes and restaurants are part of the Capitol Theatre along Pitt Street, in the inner city suburb of Haymarket. It was originally designed by George McRae and built in 1892 in the Federation Free Classical architectural style for use as the Belmore Markets. In 1916, the building was converted to a hippodrome designed specifically for the Wirth Bros Circus. It was converted into the Capitol Theatre in 1928 by John Eberson, a renowned American designer of theatrically themed theatres. In 1981, a conservation order saved it from demolition and it was restored and reconstructed in the 1990s. It is currently the musical Kinky Boots which is why it is bathed in red light at night.


  1. What a great decision to convert the building into the Capitol Theatre in 1928. Thank you John Eberson, or should I say Eberson's grandchildren.

  2. This reminds me somewhat of a building here.

  3. ...Jim, another treasure saved! You have shown in the past so many buildings that are illuminated with colored lights, a nice touch. Thanks as always for sharing, please stop back again.

    1. Thanks, Tom. They seem to be lighting up more of these building around the city to attract attention.

  4. From market to circus to theater. What an interesting story. And, good to know why it is bathed in red light.


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