Friday, 14 July 2017

Liverpool, clock tower

The Rotary Commemorative Clock Tower is near the centre of Bigge Park in the southwestern suburb of Liverpool.It was erected in 1955 to commemorate the golden 50th Anniversary of Rotary. It features circular terraces of plantings, brickwork, tiled concrete and a low metal-rail fence descend from the base and end with a surrounding paving in the stylised form of the rotary wheel. The Alex Grimson Memorial Music Shell nearby was erected in 1974 as a memorial to a former Mayor.


  1. Yes it looks very retro/1950s - but it stands out nicely.

  2. It certainly looks like it comes from that era. I like it!

  3. Replies
    1. It certainly does. It seems to be well maintained.

  4. Wonderfully composed photo and lovely blue sky ~ ^_^

  5. I thought "1950's" as soon as I saw it!

  6. The shape of the clock is very Deco and very elegant. [Deco usually ended in 1939-ish, but this clock was built in 1955].

  7. Hello, love the clock tower and pretty sky. Happy Friday, have a great day and weekend!


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