Tuesday 28 May 2024

Sydenham, General Gorden Hotel

The General Gorden Hotel is located bounded by Swain Street, Burrows Avenue and Gleeson Street, in the inner west suburb of Sydenham. The original pub was built on this site in 1885 and named for General Charles Gordon, who had died in the defence of Khartoum in January 1885 and was commemorated all over the British Empire as a heroic martyr. This larger hotel was designed by Sidney Warden in 1932, in the Georgian Revival for Tooth & Co Ltd.
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  1. When we stayed in London for three months we rented an apartment in an old brownstone home in Sydenham (London) -- for just a minute when I saw the title of your post I forgot where you were ! It looks quite a bit like our neighborhood there did.

  2. The top half looks very different to the bottom half

  3. It's an impressive vintage building.

  4. A great looking building. I love buildings with long histories.

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    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, Jim. ☺

  5. That's an old one! Very intact. I don't think I can place it, despite it being very close to me....#HappyNow

    1. It's opposite the railway station, on the eastern side.

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