Thursday 16 May 2024

George Street, theatre

The heritage listed former Plaza Theatre is bounded by Wilmot Street, George Street and Central Street. It was designed by Eric Heath and built in 1930 in the Spanish baroque style as a 2000 seat cinema for the Hoyts Group. It now houses a McDonald's fast food restaurant, shops and the Star Bar pub which was formerly a Planet Hollywood. The CBD and South East Light Rail Service runs along George Street with trams on the L2 Randwick Light Rail line and L3 Kingsford Light Rail line from Circular Quay via Central
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  1. I classy movie theatre back in the day, no doubt.

  2. quite a few McDonalds occupying heritage buildings in the country

  3. At least it's still being used, many heritage buildings have been demolished here due to being earthquake prone.

  4. Sort of reminds me of the McDonald's overlooking Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin--another historic location adapting to our fast food culture.

  5. A good looking McDonalds! Thanks for linking up and have a great week.


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