Monday, 21 September 2009

Liverpool, war memorial

The Liverpool District War Memorial stands in the middle of Bigge Park, in the southwestern suburb of Liverpool. It was originally erected in 1951 to commemorate those who have served in conflicts in which Australia has been involved along. The pool of remembrance is on two levels with a small waterfall in the middle. In the high section of the pool is a large pile of bush rocks with a white cross at the top, symbolising a battlefield grave with a cairn of stones (Australian bush rocks), a rough cross and a serviceman's hat. In the lower section there is a single large bush rock.


  1. J Bar I haven't been to your site for a while. Sorry for my negligence. I went back through August and looked and read your posts. Enjoyed so much esp. sculpture of solar system and all the shots of Georges R. I thought of you the ther night,. I had never seen the 2003 version of Ned Kelly with Heath Ledger. Saw the Mick Jagger version yrs ago. Also if you commented on baseball to me , I never saw it. Best to you and your excellent narration on Sydney. fondly, Lee

  2. EcoRover, almost every suburb in Sydney has a war memorial commemorating the loss of lives in all the wars that Australia has been involved in. Judging by the style of this memorial, I'd say it was probably installed at some time soon after World War 2.
    Thanks Lee. That Ned Kelly movie was not bad. I did send you a response on baseball way back then.


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