Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Picnic Point, Georges River National Park

The Georges River National Park is along the northern foreshore of the Georges River. These homes amongst the bushland are at Picnic Point (left) and at Sandy Point (right) on the opposite southern side of the Georges River.


  1. Are these weekenders/holiday houses or the houses of regular commuters? Would they be extra expensive because of their proximity to water or are they under special building restrictions?

  2. I don't think there would be many holiday houses here. They're just regular suburbs but just lower density than other Sydney suburbs. A property with river views would be rather expensive but you would still be able to find some cheaper old properties around here for redevelopment.

  3. It does look lovely and quiet and unhasseled. I have not been down that way very often at all.

  4. perfect for a solitary escape.

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  5. Thanks for these pics. My sister used to live on the river at Lugarno and I have delightful memories of staying with friends at Sandy Point and being covered in black mud.


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