Thursday, 15 October 2009

Kogarah, mural

This mural on the wall of the Kaimaki CafĂ© along Post Office Lane in the southern suburb of Kogarah, It features local landmarks and symbols like the water reed which is a symbol of Kogarah, whose name was derived from an Aboriginal word for 'place of reeds'. The Dragon is a symbol of the local area of St George and landmarks include the Kogarah Community Centre building and Norfolk Island Pines along Botany Bay. There are also a whale and dolphins off the coast, pelicans and boys playing soccer and football in the St George colours of red and white.


  1. Yes, I like the art work too and hope that it remains graffiti-free.

  2. Thanks for sharing this interesting mural with us.

  3. hey we both posted murals work this week...I love such public displays of art

  4. It has got a historical touch. Brilliant picture of Kogarah mural!


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