Thursday, 16 December 2010

Bondi, sculpture

'Memorial to the Surf Lifesaver' is a sculpture on the edge of Hunter Park in the eastern suburb of Bondi, overlooking Bondi Bay. It was created by Sydney sculptor, Sasha Reid in 2007 to honour the centenary of Surf Life Saving in Australia in the Year of the Life Saver. The nearby coastal walkway hosts the annual Sculpture by the Sea, a temporary art exhibition between Bondi and Tamarama but this artwork is a permanent fixture in this sculpture park.


  1. You know, it never occurred to me that was called Bondi Bay. Sounds strange to the ear.

    Nice shadow there, too.

  2. Hi from Greece,
    Many thanks for your kind words!
    I like your blog, because is very interesting and you have beautiful photos.
    Your blog you'll find in my favorites
    I am sorry for my Englich.

  3. No worries, Magda. I appreciate your comments.

  4. You have a very interesting blog and you have beautiful photos.

    Um abraço from Azores in Portugal

  5. I love the public art in Sydney, but maybe this one is not high on my personal list. But, the great thing about art is that you get all different kinds of reactions. I thought you were going to say that it is a new bicycle rack.

  6. A good sculpture of the way the sides are supporting the spiral-like design.

  7. good piece of art..really amazing...

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  8. I love it!
    Fabulous shot!!

    Have a great Weekend!
    and thanks so much for your wonderful

  9. Thank you for your appreciation on my photo on "2 cents for Romania"!
    I really enjoy your photography much atmosphere and so interesting information about your far away place!
    I don't know if we have something like this for Bucharest!
    Have a good time and best regards from Romania!


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