Friday, 3 December 2010

Willoughby, tower

This television transmission tower in the northern suburb of Willoughby is located at the headquarters of the Nine Network, one of Australia's three major commercial television networks. Standing at 233 metres high, it is the tallest television tower in Australia.


  1. That is an impressive tower! The sky is so beautiful in this shot.

  2. It is an impressive tower and it makes a perfect exclamation point to accent the beauty of your blue, blue skies! Terrific capture as always, Jim! Enjoy your weekend!


  3. Always a clear picture.

    Please have you all a wonderful Friday.

    daily athens

  4. has anyone tried to climb up this thing?

    If I was young, I might be tempted. Telephone towers are safe aren't they?

  5. Ann, it's not a telephone tower, it's a television tower.

  6. Those tall towers kind of scare me...
    I'm glad you were looking UP at it! Nice Summer sky!

  7. Whoa! That should get a signal all over the country! (Makes my neck hurt to look up at it, even in the picture.)

  8. I have always loved the CH 9 tower. I was in Sydney town last week for the first time in many years and as we drove past I imagined King Kong at the top. Silly I know.
    Thanks for all your encouragement on my photo blog J Bar. I really enjoy your pics
    Clarence Valley Today


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